History of Finasteride

Finasteride is sold under the brand name Proscar and Propecia and was originally developed to treat an enlarged prostate in men. During the clinical trial, the medical researchers discovered an intriguing side effect that is hair growth for almost 83% of the subjects. Finasteride is taken through oral administration.

Way back in 1942, James Hamilton theorized that the prepubertal castration could help in preventing the male baldness men aging 50 years old and above suffer. In 1974, Cornell Medical College in New York Julianne Imperato-McGinley attended a congenital disability conference and stated that intersex children in the Caribbean are sexual ambiguous when they were born. At first, they were raised as little girls, but by the time they reached later years of their lives, they started growing their external male genitalia and masculine characteristics that define them as boys. The research found out that these children have a genetic mutation and are 5a-reductase enzyme and male hormone dihydrotestosterone deficient. When they matured, they found out that boys like they are more prone to smaller prostates and male baldness as they reached 50 years old and above.

The code name of Finasteride is MK-906. In 1992, they finally obtained the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Merck later on marketed the product under the brand name Proscar. In 1997, Merck also obtained the second approval of the FDA for finasteride 1mg in treating MPB and was also marketed under the brand name Propecia.

The Merck Pharmaceuticals is the original developer of the Finasteride tablet. They inhibited the 5a-reductase enzyme that converts the testosterone in dihydrotestosterone or the DHT.

The Finasteride tablet was first advertised way back in 1980’s, and they claimed it to treat benignly enlarged prostate. But during their clinical trial, they found out that it is also an effective treatment for hair loss and soon pursued the other effect of Finasteride tablet.

Their unexpected discovery gave way to treat male baldness especially to mature men. And since there is no other convenient and effective treatment for male baldness available at that time, it became an instant hit. Men who suffer from severe hair loss need not use shampoos, vitamins, and the like to gain back the hair they once lost. They also gained back their confidence. Men who used Finasteride tablets started seeing the results in the first few months, and after two years of using it every day, they were able to grow back all the hair they’ve lost in their younger years. Hence, there is no need to wear toupees and wigs for older men because of the Finasteride tablet.

Even though there are numerous hair loss treatments available before the Finasteride tablet, it is considered as one of the best and effective cures for hair loss. It’s a long-term treatment that requires consistency and discipline of the user. Men who take Finasteride on a day-to-day basis were able to grow their hair, especially on the crown and back area.

To gain effective results, patients are also encouraged to use Nizoral shampoo in the process. In that way, they can reduce the inflammation of their scalp and speed up the process of shedding when the hair follicles go through the dormancy phase. All they need to do is to pop a pill a day to grow back the hair they once lost and pick up the confidence that slipped away as they continued to age.

In January 1988, the FDA recognized Propecia as a hair loss treatment aside from treating an enlarged prostate. The active ingredient of the tablet called finasteride had also been approved as an effective treatment for swelling prostate. Men who take Finasteride will not only reduce their risks of prostate cancer but can also grow back their hair with just regular use and lots of patience.

However, since Finasteride tablet is one of the most powerful medicines in the industry nowadays, it is not advisable to take without the prescription of a licensed doctor and a thorough discussion with your healthcare provider.

Men are advised to check on their doctors if it is okay to take Finasteride tablet because some are sensitive to the ingredients found in Finasteride and will, later on, develop harmful side effects as a result. In fact, Finasteride tablet had been linked to erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive. Older men who take Finasteride find it hard to maintain an erection and have trouble ejaculating. Aside from that, there is a controversy that Finasteride might be linked to infertility.

Hence, it is important to consider a few factors first before taking Finasteride. If someone recommends the drugs to you, you must talk first to your doctor and see if you are allowed to take the product. Never accept Finasteride tablets from anyone and never let your children or any woman—especially pregnant woman to touch it or take it. Finasteride can cause harmful effects to them if taken incorrectly, even men who tend to abuse the product and think taking five tablets a day will speed up their hair growth and reap the best benefits. Take it slowly, and you’ll be able to see the results in just a few months. For full recovery, Finasteride requires at least two years of taking it on a regular basis.

Finasteride is one of the most effective hairs loss treatment you can find in the market today. However, just like any other drugs, take it with extreme precaution, and you’ll be able to see the best results of Finasteride. If you are interested in taking the product, head to your nearest healthcare center first and after you have a prescription from a licensed doctor, you can now buy Finasteride from legit distributors online. With Finasteride, you no longer need to be ashamed of your thinning hair and no need to worry about the risks of prostate cancer. Finasteride is indeed the answer to treating prostate cancer and severe male baldness that older men had been battling for the last couple of years.