How do you buy Finasteride?

Because you have at least 83% chance of re-growing your hair as you enter later years of your life by taking Finasteride, you may be enticed to do so. With this pill, you can keep a full head of hair just like how you look in your younger days.

Now, where should you buy Finasteride? Before you check your online shop or the nearest drugstore in your area, there are following factors that you need to consider first.

  • Is Finasteride effective in treating hair loss?

Finasteride was originally formulated to treat swelling of the prostate. However, the clinical trials revealed that one of the side effects of taking the pill is hair growth. Those men who continued taking the pills have completely grown their hair back in just two years time. Aside from that, around 80% of men have their appearance improved because of the sudden hair growth.

  • How long will it take for Finasteride to work?

Contrary to other treatments that promise a fast hair growth in just a week, Finasteride is a long-term treatment that requires commitment and discipline. You need to take the pill every day and for a full-blown result; you need to wait at least two years. By then, your appearance has completely changed, and all the hair you’ve lost because of aging will be back.

However, if you start growing your hair and you stop in the middle, you will lose once again the hair that you have already grown in just nine months. Hence, once you take Finasteride, it is important that you keep up with taking the pills on a regular basis.

  • Does Finasteride cause shedding?

During the first few months of using Finasteride, you may experience shedding that will lead you to think your male baldness is deteriorating. But it’s not. The pill will try to reset your hair and cause other hair follicles to fall off in the process. It’s completely normal to shed some hair in the process and do not worry because this will not last for an extended period. It’s called the dormancy phase, and everyone who took Finasteride pills has experienced it already.

  • Do I need to use Nizoral shampoo along with Finasteride?

For best results, yes indeed. We highly advise that you use Nizoral shampoo to calm your scalp in the process of treatment. It will also give you desirable results afterward. Combining Finasteride and Nizoral shampoo is one of the most effective treatments for male baldness.

It also helps you to shorten the span of hair shedding in the process because the Nizoral shampoo will help in calming the inflammation. In that way, your hair will start to grow back. You won’t experience scalp pain anymore. We recommend you only use Nizoral shampoo every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.

  • Should I take Generic Finasteride? What is it?

Generic Finasteride is just a brand name “Finpecia” which contains the same ingredients of the Finasteride pills. It’s a legitimate 1mg tablet of the Finasteride tablet. The Generic Finasteride is available online and can be shipped directly to your home a few days after you have ordered it.

  • Who should only use Finasteride?

This is important. Before you click to buy online now or head to your local drugstore, you must make sure that your body can handle the active ingredients of Finasteride tablet. Finasteride is only for men who wanted to stop male baldness at the later stage of their lives. It is the last resort for treating severe hair loss especially at the bald spot in the back and the crown of the hair. If you have other conditions that are not listed in Finasteride’s patient information, consult your doctor first.

  • Where can I buy the product?

You can buy Finasteride tablets at UK Meds. As much as possible, you should only buy at this online shop. Aside from the fact that they are a legit distributor of Finasteride tablet, they also offer the best price. However, you must make sure that you have a prescription for the product before you order because you will be denied access to Finasteride if you have no prescription to show at all.